The Corpse Gentleman

I AM XANDER. I can't really define myself in a box, but if I could, I'd need one word...: Music. Music is everything to me. So many people say that apathetically that it really makes me feel indiginant, because I mean this... Music is my lover, my life, my soul, my spirit, my revenge, my hope, my dream, my creativity, my heart... Music is what I live for and what will always be the biggest part of my life. When I'm listening to music,someone almost always has something to say,whether it's my family telling me that it's going to make me deaf,or mundanes making fun of the way my body thrashes when I bang & mosh.It doesn't matter though;They just fail to understand,& it's okay,because it's powerful.I feel the music,pulsing,pumping throughout my veins & trickling into my entire soul,mind,heart,& body.I can taste the perspiration & tearful rage,I can see the words come to life,I can breath in the world the music creates.When I put on headphones or turn on a cd or the radio,I'm not just a person who loves music,I am the music,& it is me... I am going to someday be a successful musician in my own band that will be known internationally and change the world, or at least the people who give a fuck... I love and live through all of the arts, my life itself being an art, and enjoy the whimsical side of things.
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Doujin cover by Studio Canopus

Side view of my hair. I am so happy with it 

Sailor Moon

Clarisa and I.