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The other pic I got from the other day (before Killing Joke).
Picture from my phone , not the best quality

12.27.2013 apparently I’ve been channeling my inner Robert Smith today ;)


Zine that fellow bandmate Kevin (Under the pseudonym Kynann Dredd) did with me in Salt Lake City in 1993 named Dark Arts. We used as a vehicle to promote a surprisingly strong gothic scene in Utah. The two of us struggled however with the fact that we had our hands in quite a few ventures, a few bands, modeling, etc. Many of the photos were cropped with one or both of our faces cut out of the picture so it didn’t look like we were being shameless self promotors. As we ran low on the month’s issues material, I would write a poem or provide lyrics to a song under various pseudonyms (See the Beautiful Child, which was used to take up space with the pseudonym SkizzNaught)


The best of Wayne Arents, one time gothic model for Propaganda Magazine, AKA ‘fabulous fishnet creature’ and similar nicknames. 1980’s. (source) (my blog)